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9 Best Adventure Trips For Adrenaline Junkies To Keep Boredom Away

Exploring the unexplored is all about finding the purpose of your life amidst chaotic scenarios. People often advise you to live in the moment and enjoy the days as if it’s your last. But, can you do that by following the mundane 9 to 5 routine? Certainly not. That’s where the role of extreme adventure creeps in. Most people travel to cover up the places on their bucket lists. However, adventure lovers like to try out extreme activities that fetch the much-needed adrenaline rush. From gazing at the rare aquatic ecosystem during scuba diving to observing the heights while hiking, you must do them all.

Read below to find out the top adventure trips that cover extreme adventure activities all over the globe.

Best Adventure Trips


Best Adventure Trips For Adrenaline Junkies

A quick view list of adventure locations:

1. Surfing in Jeffery’s Bay, South Africa

2. Mountain Biking on Portal Trail, Utah

3. Water Rappelling, Costa Rica

4. Mountain Climbing, Denali, Alaska

5. Wildlife Spree, Komodo Islands, Indonesia

6. Hiking, Snowman Trek, Bhutan

7. Diving, Eagle’s Nest, Florida

8. Skiing, La Grave, France

9. Kayaking, Congo’s River, Central Africa

1.  Surfing in Jeffery’s Bay, South Africa

Adventure travel instills a sense of accomplishment in your mind and leaves you craving for more. For all the beach lovers out there, adventure means racing with the high tides and turquoise waters. You must satiate the thalassophile within by surfing at the best surf point worldwide, i.e., Jeffery’s Bay. Start the adventure by surfing along the boneyards section that features small waves.

Further, level up the game and try exploring the waters of the Supertubes section. You might go ahead and surf at various other parts like Impossibles, Tubes, Point, and Albatross. Once you try the fun-packed surfing along Jeffery’s waves, make sure to experience the breathtaking sunset. Ensure to get a durable truck roof rack installed on your travel truck to carry your surfboard without any hassles to the commendable surf point.

2.  Mountain Biking on Portal Trail, Utah

Mountain Biking in Portal Trail

Mountain lovers explore the snow-capped hilltops either via hiking or fun-filled mountain biking. In case you wish to try out the latter, head straight to the Portail Trail in Utah. It is undoubtedly the final ride in the “Magnificent 7” series of the astonishing Moab trails. Also, the experience will leave you awestruck and fulfill the biker within. The trail goes as high as 200 feet, that too above the dangerous waters of the Colorado River.

Along with this, the two-mile-long stretch provides the chance to gaze at some unique flora and fauna. After the bewildering mountain biking experience, you must try hiking and mountain exploration. Explore the wildlife at Zion National Park or the red rocks of Angels Landing for the ultimate gratification.

3.  Water Rappelling, Costa Rica

Best Adventure Trips For Adrenaline Junkies


No activities give gratification as much as descending through the crystalline water amidst a dense rainforest does. Water rappelling is the answer to all your water adventure needs as well as desires. All you need to do is embark upon the journey towards the capital of waterfalls, i.e., Costa Rica.

Try the rappelling experience at the astonishing waterfalls of Arenal or Manuel Antonio. You might also consider the activities at Rincón de la Vieja for easy yet enjoyable experiences. Don’t wait to dive into the rappelling arena and cover up other desires like hiking and rafting at the same time. However, make sure to wear water-resistant shoes and dry clothing for a satisfactory rappelling session.

4.  Mountain Climbing, Denali, Alaska

Denali National Park

For lovers of extreme adventure, mountain climbing at Denali in Alaska awaits. You must reconsider the decision the climb the steepest mountain peak. It is due to the glaciers, crevasses, and extremes of temperature you might encounter.

The mountain top ascends as high as 18,000 feet from the base and instills the ultimate adrenaline surge. You can either take the West Rib route or travel through the West Buttress route to reach the top. Be prepared to travel for as long as three weeks and experience the best time of your life.

5.  Wildlife Spree, Komodo Islands, Indonesia

Best Adventure Trips


Every wildlife enthusiast wishes to explore the Indonesian islands filled with komodo dragons and unique flora. Komodo island, located around an hour away from Bali, boasts the ultimate wildlife experience.

You must reach the lesser Sunda chain of the island to gaze at the magnificent creatures of nature. The region is home to more than 2,000 komodo dragons along with other species like reptiles and birds. You might also try out other marine activities like diving and snorkeling for the ultimate adventure.

6.  Hiking, Snowman Trek, Bhutan

Here’s the most difficult hiking experience you will ever go through in your entire life. Hiking up the snowman trek can be highly challenging, both physically as well as mentally. You need to cover around 48,000 feet of trek comprising rough terrains, dirt paths, and steep trails. Also, you get to rest after covering around 16,000 feet, making the trek highly draining.

On your way toward the hilltop, you might experience some breathtaking views of the sunset and scenery. Some popular attractions are Gangla Karchung La, Jaze La, and Rinchenzoe La. Don’t wait, head out to satiate your hiking desires with this difficult yet gratifying experience.

7.  Diving, Eagle’s Nest, Florida

Diving Eagles Nest Florida


Get ready to dive deeper into the secrets of aquatic life at the Grand Canyon. Eagle’s Nest is a popular diving spot in Florida that offers the chance to explore unique underwater life. You must reach the Weeki Wachee Springs State Park and get started with the ultimate diving experience.

However, you might not be able to reach the deepest point due to the ultimate depth of 300 feet. Try out diving at this spot and observe the ecology of seawater on your own. Once you accomplish this task, you might want to try other activities like kayaking or surfing in the same spot.

8.  Skiing, La Grave, France

All mountain lovers who like to slide down the powdery snow must explore the La Grave skiing experience. The experts make you reach the highest point of the mountain which lies around 10,500 feet above. You can begin the skiing session from the topmost point and cover the massive distance on your own.

La Grave in France is an expert-only skiing site and doesn’t offer experiences for beginners. Go through the rough terrains, crevasses, and high-rise cliffs to achieve the ultimate gratification. Also, find an expert instructor to learn and advance your skiing game at this spot.

9.  Kayaking, Congo’s River, Central Africa

If you’re someone who likes to race along the high waves of rivers, then try kayaking along the Inga rapids. Congo’s river is an expert-only site to kayak from the origin to the main streams.

The waves flow at a rate of 1.6 million cubic feet per second and are extremely difficult to conquer. Most of the groups fail to complete the entire length of the route and give up in the middle itself. Prepare yourself to face the 40 feet high waves, whirlpools, and waterfalls on your way toward the end.

Bottom Line

Are you bored of the mundane routine and wish to experience the essential adrenaline surge? If yes, embark upon the journey to try the extremes of adventure activities worldwide. Sit back and make a list of your favorite adventure activities.

Further, find out the most difficult spots that offer the major endorphin release. From kayaking at the Inga Rapids to mountain climbing at Denali, you must experience it all. Not only will this fill your travel journal with never-ending memories, but also satiate the adventure lover inside you. Make sure to adhere to the essential precautionary measures for a safe experience.

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