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The Best Road Trip Car: Everything You Need to Know about the Hyundai i30

Planning a family trip or fun friends-only staycation?

Hyundai i30 rapidly rises in ranks as the best road trip car available in the market today. Its new generation features and structured details offer comfort, capacity, and control for drivers.  The trusty hatchback comes with advanced security modes to counter fatigue when you’ve been riding for hours. While the Bluetooth connectivity and multimedia specs keep everyone entertained throughout the journey.

In this way, manufacturers ensure that you cruise in style without compromising on luxury or security.

Thereby making it an excellent travel assistant for short trips to the beach and long journeys across the country.

Read our careful assessment in this Hyundai i30 review as we introduce you to the fantastic features that meet the needs of a modern driver (like you).

Let’s begin.

Hyundai i30

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Hyundai i30 Review: What Makes It the Best Road Trip Car?

Like always, the South Korean brand doesn’t hold back in manufacturing a vehicle that accommodates individual needs and traveling goals. This review shares everything you need to know about the Hyundai i30 and its supreme command of the road.

 Let’s start with the standard features you’ll like:

  • Five-door hatchback for easy access
  • Spacious and comfortable seating with sufficient legroom for the driver and backseat passengers
  • Maximum cargo capacity for luggage
  • Automated climate control system to maintain the optimal environment inside the car
  • Adjustable power steering wheel for better navigation and comfortable driving
  • A wireless phone charging pad to ensure your gadgets never run out of battery
  • Great mileage and speed
  • 48-Volt Hybrid technology

Moreover, the Hyundai i30 is available in an assorted range of colors to match your personality. You’ve got the stylish silky bronze metallic shade, the fiery engine red that stands out, and a subtler sunset red pearl that gives the hatchback a softer appearance. If you’re interested in more classic colors, you’ll love the polar white or dark knight pearl.

Apart from the usual bells and whistles, it makes road trips better with its advanced tech features. In addition to this, the Hyundai i30 comes in multiple variants to fit your style and driving needs.

These include:                                       

Intelligent Safety Modes for Low-Risk Road Trips

The Best Road Trip Car

Hyundai i30 might not be a self-driving car, but it comes close to it. The car comes with advanced security features that counter driver fatigue when you’re on the road for extended periods. Conversely, these safety aids come in handy even if you are covering a shorter distance. You can trust this car to reduce accidental collisions and crashes with its automated security system in both scenarios.

Intelligent specs include:

  • Blind-spot Collision Warning sensors produce warning signals when they detect oncoming vehicles hidden behind a blind spot
  • Lane Keeping Assistant System keeps distracted drivers on track with sound/visual signals before activating a corrective steering mode whenever the vehicle abruptly switches lanes.
  • Forward Collision Warning System to detect and respond to potential frontal collisions with an automated emergency brake.
  • Rear and Front Parking Assistant to ensure you don’t bump or collide into anything when you’re parking your vehicle at pit stops. The smart security system signals you when you’re at an unsafe distance from the closest object, making it easier to maneuver the car before it crashes.

Collectively these ultra-smart security features make driving so much easier than before. It protects you, during blink-and-you-crash moments when your attention is elsewhere. Due to this, these specs are considered as lifesavers by parents who’ve got a noisy bunch in the backseat.

You Get to See All the Sights with a Panoramic Sunroof

You might not be packed like sardines inside the Hyundai i30, but a long ride can feel tedious and stuffy sometimes. That’s why the manufacturers have crafted a panorama sunroof. It extends from the front seats to the back, giving riders a 360-degrees view of the road.

The glass roof tilts and slides to open up the sky in one swift movement. Use it to transform your car into a well-lit, airy space when the weather’s just right. Besides utilizing it for a more immersive sightseeing experience, you can use it at night as you drive under the starry skies.

Lastly, the one-touch button system for more convenience. It allows you to slide the roof back on as required. This way, you can block the hot sun or impromptu seasonal showers when the weather changes.

Stay Connected and Entertained

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Road trips are incomplete without sing-along songs in the car. Play your favorite tunes during your ride instead of fighting over the radio station or rolling eyes at the mundane sports commentary.

You’re going to enjoy the connectivity upgrade in a car like the Hyundai i30. Drivers (and passengers) can now use the eight-inch display audio system to connect their smartphones with the vehicle. These high-tech features are compatible with Android and iPhone models, increasing accessibility for all users. You can use it to:

  • Listen to music, podcasts, and audiobooks on your mobile
  • Switch devices seamlessly with Auto Android and Apple CarPlay
  • Maximize navigation by receiving directions from Google Maps and other mobile apps

Moreover, there are multiple ways to control sound and apps inside the car. Solo drivers can tap the high-resolution LCD touch screen or activate voice control mode. The latter proves beneficial because it lets you switch radio channels, songs, and apps while you keep your eyes on the road and your hands on the steering wheel. In a way, making driving and jamming to music safe and hassle-free.

 Alternatively, parents can take over the playlist by sneakily changing channels with the built-in control panel found on the steering wheel when the ride gets noisy.

On the whole, features certainly beat tedious hours of I-Spy games, which we once called road trip entertainment!

In a Nutshell

We conclude our Hyundai i30 review by rounding up its best features. You will appreciate the accurate driving dynamics, superior security system, and comfortable seating this model offers.  It even has a surround sound system with Bluetooth connectivity to keep everyone entertained throughout the ride.

All these factors make the Hyundai i30 a great contender for the best road trip car list. These specs can ensure that everything goes smoothly without a hitch, regardless of the distance you cover. In turn, the car makes the journey enjoyable for you and the passenger(s).

Safe travels!

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