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10 Best Hiking Backpack for Comfortable Hike

Every year an estimated 40 million Americans will go camping.  Many will leave the comfort of modern amenities behind them and head off into nature. We all love nature. To get connected with nature camping is one of the outdoor activities we involve ourselves in. Lasting from several days to months at a time, hiking is an activity where your hiking gear will make or break the experience. One of the most critical pieces of hiking gear you can get as a backpacker is your best hiking backpack. No doubt, the first preference for a hiker is the selection of the backpack.

The Ten Best Hiking Backpacks of 2024

premium pick
top pick
top pick
Osprey Atmos Ag 65 Backpack, Rigby Red, Small
Osprey Exos 58 Men's Backpacking Backpack
Gregory Mountain Products Men's Baltoro 75 Backpacking Pack , Ferrous Orange, Small


Atmos 65 Backpacking Backpack


Exos 58 Men's Backpacking Backpack


Baltoro 75 Pack

Preferable Load Range: 30 to 50 pounds, Available in Three sizes: Small, Medium, Large, Medium measurement : 34" x 15" x 16", Highly durable, Awesome ventilation, Excellent comfort, Anti-Gravity suspension,
55L 58L 61L, 25" x 15" x 4", Ultra lightweight, Detachable top lid, Comfortable, Good suspension, Easy to load, Awesome design, More storage.
65L 75L 85L, 12" x 26" x 17", Superior comfort, High quality, and design, Adjustable shoulder strap, weather shield hip pocket, Superior fit, Durable, Integrated rain cover, Best suspension
premium pick
Osprey Atmos Ag 65 Backpack, Rigby Red, Small


Atmos 65 Backpacking Backpack

Preferable Load Range: 30 to 50 pounds, Available in Three sizes: Small, Medium, Large, Medium measurement : 34" x 15" x 16", Highly durable, Awesome ventilation, Excellent comfort, Anti-Gravity suspension,
top pick
Osprey Exos 58 Men's Backpacking Backpack


Exos 58 Men's Backpacking Backpack

55L 58L 61L, 25" x 15" x 4", Ultra lightweight, Detachable top lid, Comfortable, Good suspension, Easy to load, Awesome design, More storage.
top pick
Gregory Mountain Products Men's Baltoro 75 Backpacking Pack , Ferrous Orange, Small


Baltoro 75 Pack

65L 75L 85L, 12" x 26" x 17", Superior comfort, High quality, and design, Adjustable shoulder strap, weather shield hip pocket, Superior fit, Durable, Integrated rain cover, Best suspension

No doubt, there is only one main problem, i.e, choosing that backpack for the money is not an easy task. For this reason, here is our Best Recommendations and comparison for your quick reference and fast decision-making.

10 Best Backpacks For Long-Distance Hiking

So, how to choose a backpack for your planned outdoor camping? That is why we are presenting a list of the top 10 Backpacks of 2024. After a lot of struggles online, and offline, and spending days testing so many types of backpacks, we have shortlisted some of the excellent designs for hiking which you can buy straight from here. To find the most suitable backpack, here are our Top 10 Reviews.

best hiking backpacks

1. Osprey Atmos 65 Backpack

“Discover this ultra-lightweight backpack features!”

Premium Pick

Osprey Atmos 65 Backpack

Main Features

  • Comfortable load carrier with AG suspension
  • A lot of zippered pockets for easy access
  • Adjustable shoulder straps and hip belt
  • Lightweight design, pack weight: 4.56 lbs.

The Osprey Atmos 65 AG backpack provides several unique benefits that are infrequently seen in other packs. It has 4 different exterior zipper pockets for storage of a lot of different things depending on need. Accessible while the pack is on, you get compartments that are easily reachable and practical. Not all backpacks are designed as well.

Benefits of Osprey Atmos 65

A benefit that makes Osprey an excellent name in backpacks is the effort spent on ventilation. The backpack makes use of materials and its construction to increase ventilation throughout the pack. This benefits you by helping to dry out things that may be damp, airing things out and stopping them from getting an odor, and decreasing how hot the pack feels on your back.

Anti-gravity suspension system

Another benefit of the Osprey Men’s Atmos is its versatility. Using what is lovingly coined as the ‘anti-gravity suspension system,’ the Osprey provides unrestricted movement. Contouring its shape to your body and fully adjustable, you get a backpack that can react more dynamically to your movement, increasing your flexibility and reaction time. This is even further improved by a 4-5 pound weight with up to 60 pounds worth of storage weight.

In short, the bag reacts more dynamically to your movement to increase the flexibility.


  • More zippered pockets.
  • Comfortable load carrier.
  • Awesome ventilation.
  • Adjustable hip belt.


  • Extra loose straps.
  • Small hip belt pockets.

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2. Osprey Exos 58 Backpack

“Best Suitable For Those Need Extreme Comfort!”

Top Choice

Osprey Exos 58 Backpack

Main Features

  • Ultra-lightweight model: 2.68 lbs.
  • Airspeed suspension and easy to haul
  • Detachable top lid for cutting down load
  • Superior comfort and sleek design

Osprey Exos 58 backpack includes many of the benefits we reviewed in #6. On top of this, it adds a removable floating top pocket. Perfect for when you need to go into town, the removable top pocket fits snugly around the waist. Additional smaller pockets provide even more space for organized storage. Excellent for anyone who likes ditching his or her bag without major reorganization, the removable top pocket adds a lot.

Benefits of  Osprey Exos 58 

Another benefit of the Osprey Exos is its design. Modeled more after the ‘large tube’ design, the Osprey has few of the exterior pockets and containers that other larger bags have. Instead, it gives itself over to a lot of interior storage. Great for things like camping tents and other camping supplies that take up a lot of room, the Osprey stores a lot.

You will typically find packs with a similar design for far less. This is because the Osprey design is relatively straightforward. That being said, the Osprey Exos is well worth the cost due to its attention to comfort and smart storage. While there are less expensive backpacks out there, they will not be anywhere near as comfortable or as versatile as the Osprey.

In short, the bag is the best fit for carrying a smart load comfortably.


  • Lightweight model.
  • Highly adjustable.
  • Detachable top lid.
  • Airspeed suspension.
  • Comfortable to load.


  • Average durability.
  • Lack of exterior pockets.

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3. Gregory Baltoro 75 Pack

“Best Suitable For Back-country Adventures!”

Best Value

Gregory Baltoro 75 Pack

Main Features

  • Weather shield hip pocket
  • Superior quality material and design
  • Awesome comfort and fit for backpacking
  • Heavy-duty zipper and lightweight design

Gregory Baltoro 75 is among one of the best-recognized high-performance backpacks currently on the market. Having received countless awards for providing superior comfort, the Baltoro 75 has improved functionality that will benefit your experience time and time again. While expensive, it definitely earns its place as a high-quality and high-performance design.

Benefits of  Gregory Baltoro 75

Do you suffer from back pain? Have you never had luck with other backpacks being comfortable? The Baltoro 75 is among the best pick for providing a balanced and steady hiking experience. It includes a lumbar tune that can customize the hips, shoulders, and waist to perfectly fit your body. You can even swap out the hip belt with other models for a superior fit.

Weather shield pocket

Terrified that you will lose your electronics to wet weather while hiking? The weather shield hip pocket incorporates a TPU-coated covering. Along with a heavy-duty zipper, you will be able to keep your electronics dry even in the worst conditions.

“In short, the bag is perfect for a balanced and steady hiking experience.”


  • Award-winning Suspension System.
  • Detachable Top Lid.
  • Superior Quality.
  • Highly Durable.
  • Integrated Rain Cover.


  • Expensive.
  • Hipbelt pockets small

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4. Osprey Ariel 65 backpack for Women

“Best Women’s Specific Pack Suitable For Carrying Heavy Loads Comfortably!”

Reliable Pick

Osprey Ariel 65

Main Features

  • Suitable for women with a detachable top lid
  • Superior fit and comfortable for heavy load
  • Easy gear organization with awesome design
  • External Hydration Sleeve available

Osprey Ariel 65 is a streamlined backpack created specifically for hiking and mountaineering. With the shape of women in mind, a major benefit of this is superior fit and comfort. Designed to be worn for extended lengths of time, it is the perfect thing to take with you on moderate and long-distance hikes. Of course, a large capacity improves its versatility and ensures that you will always have enough room to carry what you need.

Removable top pocket 

A major benefit of the Osprey Ariel 65 is the removable top pocket. Typically, the top pocket of this pack functions as a cover over the drawstring closure on the top of the pack. Of course, this comes with a detachable daypack that can detach the top pocket. The ends of the top pocket can be tied together around your waist, effectively creating a snug fanny pack that you can take with you in those moments when you are heading off the trail and into town.

Women-specific design

A final reason why you should consider the Osprey Ariel is because of the accessibility. Of course, a lot of care and design has been put into making this accessible from multiple directions and a number of different zippers. In addition, there are tool attachment points and places for accessories like your trekking poles on the exterior. With all of these benefits in a single design, it is easy to see why the Osprey Women’s Ariel comes so highly recommended among the women-specific pack.

In short, the bag is perfect if you are willing to spend money on it, it can be coined as “you get what you pay for”.


  • Easy to haul
  • Exterior loops
  • Highly versatile
  • Fit and comfortable for women
  • Steady and balanced load


  • Specially designed  for women
  • Delicate

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5. TETON Sports Scout 3400 Internal Frame Pack

“Best Suitable as Compared to Quality with Price!”

Reliable Pick

TETON Sports Scout 3400 Pack

Main Features

  • Lightweight pack with Easy gear organization features
  • Ideal for beginners and comfortable to haul
  • Quality material with integrated fly
  • Worth designing for the price

Designed to be everything you need for a price you can easily afford, the Teton Sports Scout 3400 Internal Frame is a versatile design that will try its best to meet your needs. Mesh lumbar support, padded waist, and shoulder straps/padding all provide the benefit of a more comfortable hiking experience. A lot of space is provided on the exterior as well to help you store everything you need.

Affordable budget pack

The TETON Sports Scout is often seen as a good cheap design. Inexpensive, it will give you a good idea of what backpacks can do and how comfortable they can be without breaking the bank. The overall quality and material selection are good, meaning that you will get a lot of use before this brand gives out to you. That will provide plenty of time to decide whether or not hiking is for you.

Integrated rainfly

An added benefit of the TETON Sports Scout is the yellow rain-fly. Tucked and hidden away, it is not seen until the weather goes south. It is easy to unfold and does a pretty decent job of keeping your gear dry. Once the rain has stopped and the rain-fly is dried, it can easily be tucked back out of sight. All of this and more are yours for one remarkably low price.

In short, this is perfect for casual hikers, its features are worth the affordable price spent on it.



  • ​Suitable for lightweight packing
  • Few zipper complaints

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6. The North Face Banchee 50 Backpack

“Best Suitable as Lightweight and Comfortable Handling!”

Reliable Pick

The North Face Banchee 50 Pack

Main Features

  • Best for thru-trails and lighter in weight : 3 lbs.
  • Easy gear organization with more pockets and great lumbar support
  • Improved comfort, durable with a lifetime guarantee
  • Tool keepers,  Reflective webbing, Hydration sleeve, Breathable back panel.

So far, we have only reviewed larger camping backpacks. The North Face Banchee 50 backpack is smaller by comparison and designed for carrying less weight. While you will lose out on storage capacity, you gain flexibility, agility, and movement with the Banchee. The Banchee is favored among those doing long-distance hikes who either have limitations on what they can carry or don’t need to take a larger pack with them.

Benefits of North Face Banchee 50 

While smaller, the Banchee 50 is nonetheless versatile and capable of holding a great deal of storage space. The limited interior volume and 50-pound capacity benefit those who need to carry smaller, heavier things. A lot of times people will end up putting cooking supplies and food in one of these smaller bags.

With a comfortable and snug fit, the Banchee combines the comfort of larger bags with an improved ability to move. The end result is a bag that works well for those with back problems. You may have luck with the Banchee 50 if other similar backpacks have been too uncomfortable in the past.

In short, this ultra-lightweight bag is suitable for long trails with improved comfort.


  • More useful pockets.
  • Suitable for long trails.
  • Lighter in weight.


  • No integrated rain cover.
  • No separation in the main compartment.

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7. Deuter Aircontact Backpack

“Best Suitable For Durability, Comfort, and Classical Design!”

Reliable Pick

Deuter Aircontact Backpack

Main Features

  • Comfortable suspension with a lot of pockets.
  • more strong and heavy load carrier
  • Adjustable shoulder straps with heavily padded hip belt

A juggernaut of a backpack,  The Deuter Aircontact backpack gives you the benefit of size and features. With among the biggest loads supported by this backpack, the Deuter Aircontact is a superior backpack if you need to carry a lot of stuff with you.

Benefits of The Deuter Aircontact

One of the best benefits of the Deuter Aircontact is that it manages to provide a great deal of storage space without becoming overly bulky. For example, you can easily adjust the shoulder and waist straps to provide a comfortable hiking experience. You can also easily access various parts of the large backpack in order to find what you are looking for. Despite its size and weight, you will not have a problem benefiting from the size and accessibility. Available in 3 sizes : 65L 70L 75L and measures : 11″ x 16″ x 33″.

Additional 10-liter storage

In addition to the 65 pounds of storage provided, the Deuter Aircontact also comes with a 10-liter storage compartment. Actually, it is fantastic for putting water aside when you are camping. In addition to that, the benefit of the separate water storage is that you have more room for camping supplies. Enough water to last you through a day and then some, it is hard to match the beneficial qualities of the Deuter Aircontact when you need to move a lot of supplies by foot.

In short, the bag is a comfortable one able to carry a heavy load.


  • Comfortable suspension.
  • Strong and heavy load carrier.
  • Heavily padded hip belt.


  • Heavy backpack.
  • Bulky hip belt.

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8. Arc’teryx Altra 65

“Best Suitable For Carrying Heavy Loads Comfortably!”

Reliable Pick

Arcteryx Altra 65

Main Features

  • Best suspension system with a pivoting belt.
  • Best design and fabrication with removable top lid
  • Adjustable shoulder straps
  • High quality with OUM style, Easy gear organization

The Arcteryx Altra  – Men’s backpack is a sleek and simple pack designed for long-term hiking. Engineered to keep weight down the Arcteryx Altra does away with extraneous straps and other things that add weight while supplying only limited functionality. In doing so, you wind up with a sturdy, lightweight design that has enough room for everything you need during your travels.

Easy gear organization 

A major benefit of the Arcteryx Altra 65 is how it is fitted to the male frame. With regular/tall and short/regular sizing options, you can improve comfort with your frame. What makes this even better is the easy gear organization. It is designed for easy, one-handed access allowing you to get things you need without taking the pack off.

Lightweight design

As a matter of fact, utilizing a composite construction, the backpack is only 5.12 pounds on its own. No doubt, you will have a much lighter backpack than if you go with the competition. While a bit more on the expensive end, you get everything you pay.

If nothing else, consider the Arc’teryx Altra for its lightweight design.


  • Breathable back panel
  • Easy access
  • Increased comfort and stability


  • Expensive

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9. North Face Cobra 60 Backpack

“Best Suitable For Winter Mountain Adventure!”

Reliable Pick

The North Face Cobra 60 Backpack

Main Features

  • Ultra-lightweight and awesome design.
  • Detachable top lid with more storage options
  • Highly durable with superior comfort
  • More storage options with a lifetime warranty

The North Face Cobra 60 combines the beneficial design elements seen in other North Face products with an amazingly lightweight design. Measuring only 3.68 pounds, you can benefit from every additional pound saved with additional food, gear, and water. 

Benefits of The North Face Cobra 60

Unlike other designs covered here, the North Face Cobra expands beyond simple walking to include versatile options for things like sledding, skiing, and more. Benefiting you by dramatically improving the versatility of the bag, you will be able to take the North Face Cobra with you on adventures where others simply won’t make it.

Lightweight and enough storage

A final benefit of the North Face Cobra worth considering is its 3661 cubic inches of interior space. When fully loaded, the North Face Cobra still manages to be comfortable to wear. The amazing interior size means that you can carry more when necessary. If storage and lightweight design are important to you, then the North Face Cobra should be on the top of your list.

In short, the bag is perfect for an ultra Lightweight backpacking experience.


  • Removable Top Lid.
  • It is comfortable.
  • Highly Durable.


  • It has only a few exterior pockets.
  • No integrated rain cover.

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10. High Sierra Titan 65

“Best Suitable For Its Great Price with Ease of Use!”

Reliable Pick

High Sierra Titan 65

Main Features

  • Good gear organization and storage capacity.
  • Highly durable and reliable design
  • Compatible hydration system
  • Lightweight with large volume capacity

 An all-around solid purchase, The High Sierra Titan 65 does a little of everything. The superior storage space allows you to carry more things. The numerous pockets and attachment points on the exterior allow you to attach poles, lights, and more. Versatility is the biggest benefit the High Sierra Titan 65 can provide.

Benefits of The High Sierra Titan 65

Another benefit of the High Sierra Titan 65 is the lifetime warranty that is provided for manufacturing defects. Having such a warranty on something as complex as a backpack is really handy. Even the best-designed products can sometimes suffer from weaknesses and issues in manufacturing. With this warranty in place, you can return this gear and get it replaced if a defect were to ever make itself known.

Easy to access

The lean and tall design of the High Sierra Titan 65 is great when for transportation on buses, trains, and planes. This is easier to handle, prop up, and store aside without fear of falling over. High Sierra Titan also makes accessing things from the top pockets far easier as the base and waist belt form a stable footing for the rest of the bag. This Titan 65 is one of the best from the High Sierra for a long hike. 

In short, the bag is easier to handle without fear of falling over.


  • Supreme quality.
  • Best gear accessibility.
  • Compatible hydration system.
  • Better storage capacity.


  • Not fit for a small trip.
  • Weak compression strap.

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How To Choose Backpack for Next Trail

Best Hiking Backpack

Decide Your Specific Need First

So you want to get an excellent pack for long-distance hiking? Good for you! The first place you are going to want to look is at you. How is your body shape? What do you intend to do with the backpack? How long do you want to be able to travel with your backpack?

Start the process by determining what your needs are. If you have any existing medical problems like issues with your back, then you will want to consider this as well. As you will see when you begin searching through available backpacks, there are dozens of different makes and models to choose from. Knowing where you stand before starting the process will help you narrow down the excellent design in no time.

Consider the Weight & Size

Weight and size are considerations that should also be addressed before you begin comparing prices. Are you hiking alone or are you hiking with other people? Are you sharing supplies or is every person carrying their own gear?

Always, the objective in backpacking is to pack as lightly as possible. The less you carry, the easier and more rewarding the experience will be. Any person who has packed too much or bought too large of a bag will relate to how much of a pain backpacking can be when you are over-encumbered.

Your typical backpack will range between 3 and 7 pounds. The majority will have a carrying weight of 50-65 pounds. On top of this, some may have extra storage for water (hydration packs). If you have your other gear already, then take a moment to weigh it all and see how much it comes to. That can help you figure out what range and by extension what backpack you should consider getting.

Consider the Number of Items For Carrying

Are you bringing with you a lot of small things? Having pockets on the exterior makes it easier to organize what you have and makes acquiring it without removing your pack far easier. Whether it is a quick snack or a map, being able to get them easily can shave minutes off of stops and keep you on time to reach your destination before sundown.

Some models of backpacks are designed with accessibility in mind. Ventilation and wet weather protection are other features that you may benefit from depending on the weather and the amount of moisture you have to deal with. Better ventilation means less damp clothes and less odor as well.

Things To Consider While Buying:

How Often Will You Use It?

Of course, a day pack is perfect for a one-off trip into the wilderness. If you plan to return with any frequency, buying something with a little more quality will pay for itself again and again in the long run.

Normally, durability increases dramatically with more expensive packs. Stitching is better, zippers are more durable, and Velcro/buckles are designed for repeated use. Many top-end packs also come with a limited lifetime warranty on manufacturing defects. Spend the money if you have repeated use in mind.

How Easy Is It To Put On?

As we mentioned above, your typical pack will only weigh a few pounds when empty. At this weight, it is a breeze to get it on. The only trouble is that backpacks when full can weigh upwards of 60 pounds. Some packs are designed with putting on and taking off in mind.

If you have issues with your legs shoulders, or back, then consider reading the reviews for the backpack before purchasing. You can use the reviews as a first-hand source for information on taking on and taking off. If something is a pain to do, then you will most likely find it in disgruntled comments.

How Does It Stand On Its Own?

A minor point for some, having your backpack fall over, again and again, gets on some people’s nerves. Normally, the majority of packs are accessible from top to down. That means you have to stand the backpack in an upward-facing direction to access things. A backpack with rounded siding or that naturally leans away from the waist belt has a bigger chance of spilling out the content of your open bag when it tips over. If this bothers you, then look for a backpack with a stable flat base.

Is That Really The Best Price?

Look for the model number of the backpack and search for it online. Chances are you will find a few different listings for it. In addition, consider going into a store that sells it to compare prices. You may find that one of the outlets currently has a discount on the backpack. Twenty or thirty minutes of searching can save you hundreds of dollars on your purchase.

Top Backpack Brands You Should Consider

Normally, these gear will typically range between $ 100 and $500 depending on your need. Recognized brands have a legacy of creating superior products. No doubt, that has been proven over the years to remain durable and dependable even through heavy use. Included below is a list of recognizable brands.

Best Backpack Brands List


Arc’teryx is an Outdoor and Sporting goods manufacturing Canadian company. Dave Lane Jeremy Guard started this company in 1989. At the same time, Arc’teryx mainly produces products targeting military and law enforcement bodies. But some of their products especially backpacks are popular in civil entities. This company is expanding its ventures in other countries including China, Bangladesh, Vietnam, and Laos.

Five Ten

Five Ten is a US outdoor sports gear manufacturing company. The founder Charles Cole started the company in 1985. Its climbing shoes are famous worldwide for over a decade. Since its foundation, Five Ten delivers high-quality products in backpacks, bags, and outdoor camping gear. They also produce products like athletic footwear, backpacks, backpacking sleeping bags, and other outdoor sporting gear. Presently, Five Ten is a subsidiary of adidas since 2011.


The Osprey is a popular US manufacturing company that makes supreme backpacks. In fact, Mike Pfotenhauer and Laurie White start-up Osprey Packs in 1974. This company is known as Osprey Packs. They are famous for making long-lasting, all-weatherproof backpacks with innovative ideas and creative designs. The high-quality backpack gear produced by the company over a long period of time shows its love for outdoor sports.

Gregory Mountain

Gregory Mountain Products is a U.S. company. Wayne Gregory found Gregory Mountain Products in San Diego, California to design and manufacture world-class backpack brands in 1971.  They are a leading manufacturer of supreme backpacking, mountaineering, and hiking gear and accessories.

No doubt, Gregory is a leader and pioneer in the industry of backpacking products. Moreover, they added many innovations in backpacking designs. The Gregory, research, and design team continue to lead the way in innovative backpack technology and performance. In June 2014 Samsonite International SA acquired Gregory Mountain Products.

The North Face

In 1966, The North Face started its first mountaineering/hiking retail store in San Francisco by two hiking enthusiasts, Douglas Tompkins and his wife Susie Tompkins. The North Face then began designing and manufacturing its own brand of hiking/mountaineering clothes, accessories, and equipment.

Actually, through their continuous innovations and explorations, they became the best manufacturer and supplier in the United States. TNF maintains strong links with the outdoor hiking community for different expeditions and athletes by sponsoring them. This outdoor product company is one of the leading manufacturers of high-performance backpacks. Presently, VF Corp owns The North Face.

TETON Sports

TETON Sports is a U.S. company from the Salt Lake City of Utah.  This company has been in the sporting goods industry for nearly fifteen years as a leading manufacturer of durable affordable camping gear that will outperform and long last.

TETON Sports is a leading manufacturer of sleeping bags for camping, camping cots, camping tents, camping gear, and affordable backpacks which are very popular and customer friendly. This US manufacturer makes quality camping gear that lasts for years and is very affordable.


Mountainsmith is one of the top backpack manufacturers from Colorado, US. In fact, the company started its journey in the field of backpacks by explorer Patrick Smith in 1979. Actually, he designed this backpack to carry heavy loads of gear comfortably and effectively through the hard Colorado wilderness.

Patrick Smith was the first manufacturer to take a patent for his unique lumbar waist pack. This manufacturer continues to make the best value backpacks, the best durable functional backpack.

The company designs manufacture and market a wide range of quality backpack products. Ultimately, these products provide the best needs of backpackers. These products have set a standard in the field of the backpack. Mountainsmith is an outstanding company in the field for its product quality.


Hans Deuter found the Deuter Company in 1898. No doubt, Deuter is one of the oldest backpack manufacturers. First of all, the company started its journey by supplying Bavarian Royal Mail with mailbags in Germany. Then, the company started expanding to the manufacturing of backpacks, knapsacks, and camping tents, especially for the military.

After a long struggle and hurdles in 1968, The Deuter produced the first range of Nylon backpacks. In fact, this started a new era in the field of backpack manufacturing. In the meantime, Deuter designed the first  “air comfort”  model backpack and patented it.

Moreover, the close partnership of Deuter with the German Association of Ski & Mountain guides contributed to the improvement of the product design. Deuter designs and distributes top functional, good-quality company products worldwide. Deuter brand enjoys an excellent reputation in the hiking and camping gear market.

High Sierra

High Sierra is a leading manufacturing company in adventure gear and rucksacks.  In fact, Hank Bernbaum and his son Harry Bernbaum started High Sierra in America. Initially, in 1978 the company was known as H Bernbaum Import and Export Company. High Sierra designs and manufactures quality backpacks, versatile outdoor camping gear, and adventure tools.

By and large, High Sierra has emerged as a leading manufacturer of lightweight, durable, comprehensive, and comfortable backpacks in the USA. This American leading manufacturer has become a specialist in designing backpacks for outdoor camping.

Finally, the company has grown substantially. Presently, the company is renamed High Sierra Sports Company. Above all, in 2012, the American Luggage giant Samsonite LLC bought Bernbaum’s’ company High Sierra Sports Company. This enables significant opportunities for High Sierra and Samsonite brand extension, both direct and through licenses.

The Bottom Line

A reliable backpack will make every adventure you take into the wilderness more enjoyable. Comfort, support, storage capacity, and ease of access are but a few of the things that a backpack will provide. Some people may skimp out and buy second-hand or cheap backpacks.

In the meantime, remember that any backpack you buy will spend almost the entire trip on your back.  There are so many lightweight backpack enthusiasts. Of course, for the minimalists, our lightweight backpack buying guide and review will be helpful. Check it out here. You want something that will be dependable, reliable, and functional. The above guidelines are some things you should consider when purchasing your best pack.


Let us check some FAQs related to backpacks:

Who makes the best backpacks for hiking?

Arc’teryx, Five Ten, Osprey, Gregory Mountain, The North Face, TETON Sports, Mountainsmith, Deuter, Samsonite, and High Sierra are the best-recognized top brands in the manufacturing of backpacks.

What should I keep in my hiking backpack?

First, have the correct clothes for the area you’re hiking including protective ones in case it rains. Second, carry enough food and water. Third have tools for navigation, the ones for convenience like a multi-tool and a first-aid kit.

What is a daypack vs. a backpack?

A daypack is smaller than a backpack and you only pack essentials for a hiking trip that’s not overnight. It’s smaller and lighter. A backpack is larger and can carry camping essentials including sleeping bags and pads over a long distance.

What size backpack for hiking?

Since hiking lasts for only a day and you have no intention of camping out, a small backpack is the best option. You carry only the essentials like food and water for the day trip. In addition to these essentials, you also have a first aid kit and phone in it.

How do you pack clothes in a hiking backpack?

A hiking backpack is relatively small in comparison to a camping one. This means less room in it to carry a lot of things. You have to carry a few clothes and roll them to make them smaller. They fit better this way in the backpack.

How do you pack a hiking backpack for air travel?

When traveling by air, keep in mind if the backpack is carried on or not. The best way is to pack only the essentials you need and ensure you follow the rules for carry-on bags. Lock the bag for additional security if you want to place it in the luggage area.

What should you not take on a hike?

Leave certain items at home when going on a hike. One is Jewellery that you can lose easily or someone can steal. Two don’t carry unnecessary clothing and shoes that just make the backpack heavier. Three are unnecessary gadgets that are not important for a day trip like laptops.

Do hiking backpacks count as carry-on?

You can use this backpack as a carry-on since they are smaller usually about 40 liters maximum. They load from the top so you have to fish for items inside. They fit well in the carry-on compartments in planes.

How do I protect my backpack when flying?

It’s important to ensure your backpack is safe and secure as you fly to your destination. The first way is to lock it using locks. Next is to remove all the straps from the backpack making it harder for someone to carry it off. Follow this by wrapping it in a protective cover to prevent rainwater from sipping into your belongings.

Can I put my dog in a backpack?

You can carry your dog in a backpack while hiking. Make sure as you buy the backpack, that it’s the correct design for carrying dogs. It has to be a bag able to carry additional weight and is durable.

What are dog backpacks for?

This is a unique backpack that your dog carries giving it a purpose on your hiking trip. They are small and have compartments for storage. Carrying things is a good workout for your dog.

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