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10 Glamping Bed Ideas For Your Next Adventure

Glamping is the word for experiencing the great outdoors without sacrificing comfort. Instead of putting a sleeping bag on top of rocky soil, glampers can get creative and build their beds that range from simple to lavish and everything in between.

Whether you’re looking to make your bed as affordable as possible or you want to create something that’s the envy of the camping world, these 10 glamping bed ideas will help inspire your next outdoor adventure.

Glamping Bed Ideas For Your Next Adventure

1. Modern Yurts

A yurt is an excellent choice for glamping, as it offers comfort and convenience. If you want to try glamping with a yurt, you can try plenty of options.

Nomadic populations have used a traditional yurt in Mongolia and Central Asia since at least the 8th century BC. Yurts were initially made of animal skin stretched over a lattice frame, but modern yurts are often made of canvas or synthetic materials such as nylon. They can be circular or square, depending on the manufacturer’s designs, and with many different features available, like insulation.

As with any tent-like accommodation, you’ll need to research and decide what fabric will work best for your climate and other needs. There are many benefits to choosing yurts for glamping. They’re sturdy yet lightweight enough to be moved easily from one location to another.

2. Sleeping Bag

A sleeping bag is a standard option for those looking for a bed when glamping. You can use this by laying the sleeping bag on the mattress and then easing it. Your body heat will warm up the sleeping bag and make it comfortable. You’ll also be protected against any dust that may be on the ground, besides the cold temperatures at night.

Sleeping bags for glamping have several features. For example, they come in different materials such as cotton or polyester, depending on your needs. They also come in various sizes ranging from small to large, depending on your height and weight. Some models even have extra-large ones that can fit two people inside them.

Additionally, some models come as blankets to function either way, with zippers or buttons down one side for easy access inside when needed.

3. Hammock

Hammock Camping

Hammocks have been used for sleeping for centuries and are a lovely way to feel like you’re still in bed. With the right hammock, you can get all the benefits of being close to nature but with fewer bugs around your face. They also come in various styles, so you can be sure to find one that meets your needs.

Generally speaking, hammock sleeping is comfortable, unless it’s too cold or hot outside. However, once you’ve figured out how to stay warm or cool enough while camping in a hammock, many additional benefits make this glamping bed option worth considering. These are as follows:

  • You’ll save space inside your tent.
  • They’re easy to carry and set up anywhere (find two trees about 12 feet apart and you’re already set).
  • Hammocks can double as chairs when not being used for sleeping.

4. Inflatable Air Mattress

An inflatable air mattress is a good choice if you’re looking for the most low-maintenance glamping bed. As its name suggests, this bed consists of a mattress inflated by blowing into it or using a pump. Because it’s made of plastic and vinyl, it’s easy to clean and store after use. Air mattresses also tend to be lightweight and portable, thus they are perfect travel companions.

On the downside, air beds won’t provide as much cushioning as other mattresses. They can also be more expensive than foam mattresses or sleeping pads if you buy from an outdoor store. They require inflation by either manual blowing or using an electric pump (and these pumps are sold separately sometimes). Likewise, remember that if your camping location doesn’t have electricity, you’ll need to use battery-operated devices for your air mattress pump or lights.

5. Hanging Tent

A hanging tent is a unique way to sleep suspended off the ground and with no bed frame required. A tent for camping, a hanging tent bed, and a hammock tent are just some of the cool features of hanging tents. A sleeping place that hangs directly off a tree branch may be what you’re looking for.

Hanging tents can be set up by solid ropes anchored onto tree branches or boulders at either end of the bed. The result is an elevated sleeping place akin to a hammock with walls on all sides and above your head (and sometimes even an overhead mosquito net).

6. Comfy Cot

Glamping Bed Ideas

A cot is a portable bed that can be used while camping. It consists of a sturdy metal frame and a firm rectangular mattress (usually made from canvas or other cotton-based material) that sits on top of the frame. Cots are typically lightweight and foldable for easy transport; hence, they are ideal for glamping trips.

Many people use cots as sleepover beds for children’s parties or overnight guests when sleeping space is limited. You may have slept on one during your younger years and remember it fondly. Although you may associate cots with childhood adventures, they’re also a wonderful option for adults who plan to camp out during hunting season or music festivals.

7. Platform Bed

A platform bed is exactly what it sounds like: a wooden or metal frame that supports and lifts your mattress, leaving you with a space below for storage. It can also mean a cabin bed (without the storage), low bed (with even less height), or platform bed frame.

Some families enjoy the practicality of having their kid’s stuff tucked away in their child’s room instead of cluttering up the rest of the house. Yet it can be challenging to find space for everything in a kid’s small bedroom without making it feel cramped. A fantastic solution is a platform bed. It lets you store your kid’s books and toys under their mattress. Besides, it gives them access to their belongings without taking up any additional floor space.

All that said, not everyone wants an under-the-bed drawer. If that’s the case, adult-sized and children’s beds come with built-in options like drawers or cubbies. There are also customizable additions, like extra shelving units attached directly to the wall behind either side of the bed frame.

8. Folding Bed

A sleeping pad is one of the best ways to stay comfortable on the ground. Instead of hiking with a mattress, it’s easy to pack up a folding bed and put it right on top of your sleeping pad when you reach your destination. It would help if you considered how big or small you want your foldable bed to be and how this correlates with the rest of your items.

If you have a big tent, you’ll want a wider folding bed at full length and stretch out. If your tent is more compact or weight is an issue, find a folding bed that can be used in half length. Although this option might seem like the more expensive choice, don’t forget to note what kind of material your folding bed is made from as this can affect both comfort and price.

Moreover, think about whether it’s easy to clean. Will dirt stick to the material? Is it water-resistant? A cleaning process that takes time away from glamping isn’t worth your effort if other options are available. The portable bed also needs to be stored easily after each trip. One that quickly folds up into itself will be less awkward than one with bulky legs that stick out everywhere.

9. Truck Bed Mattress

If you’re the kind of camper who enjoys an occasional road trip, then a truck bed mattress is right up your alley. Truck bed camping offers comfort, convenience, and freedom that tents can’t provide. A good mattress will ensure you have a restful night’s sleep.

Truck mattresses are also excellent if you want to camp at home and enjoy stargazing from the comfort of your backyard. You can easily store it in a truck or other vehicle so that it doesn’t take up much space when not in use. Because most models fold down into seats or convertibles, they’re perfect for camping.

10. Trampoline Tent

Trampoline tent, anyone? An elevated platform is a great way to clamp if you want your bed to be where the magic happens. How do you get a perfectly angled view, though? A simple platform can be made with wood, metal, rope, fabric, or even plastic, but you can use many other materials instead.

Whatever material you choose will help determine what shape your platform ends. Most platforms are rectangular or square to maximize surface area. However, there’s no reason they can’t also be round or triangular. It’s really up to you and your artistic juices.


You’re bound to appreciate glamping no matter what type of adventurer you are. It is a superb way to experience the outdoors, but it’s also possible to do it on a budget in some beautiful places. So, get out there and find a way to try glamping for yourself.

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