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Outboard vs Inboard Motor: Which Is Right for Your Boat?

The number of boat sales in 2020 surged, thanks in large part due to a global pandemic. Instead of traveling abroad for yacht trips and cruises, people took to local lakes and waterways in a boat of their own.

And a good number of the boats purchased over the past few years of record boat sales were used boats. Used boats allow boaters with almost no amount of disposable income to get on the water.

If you recently bought a used boat, one of the first things you’re likely to upgrade is the motor. Outboard vs inboard motor, that’s the first question you need to ask yourself.

Which is right for your specific boat and needs? Keep reading to learn about the two main types of boat motor options that are right for you.

Outboard vs Inboard Motor

Benefits of an Outboard Motor

So what is an outboard motor? It’s a motor that is installed on the rear of the boat. It sits on top of the boat and can be pulled up out of the water when it isn’t necessary.

Because the motor is always exposed, these motors are much easier to maintain and repair. They’re easily replaceable when it’s time for an upgrade. And they’re also best for most recreational boaters.

They are commonly used for fishing and cruising around. Smaller commercial boats also benefit from an outboard motor.

Since you can lift outboard propellers out of the water at the end of the day, you won’t deal with as much hunk growing on your propeller and decreasing performance.

Benefits of an Inboard Motor

Inboard motors are built into the boat and installed on the underside of the vessel. These are more difficult to access and maintain.

But because the center of gravity stays low, these motors work better for boats on open water where weather and wave conditions can be rough. Most large boats use inboard motors.

Performance is generally higher, as is fuel efficiency, compared to outboard motors. And since they are inside the boat, they are much quieter than outboard motors.

Outboard vs Inboard Motor

Inboard or outboard motor, which is the best option for your boat? It depends on what type of boat you have and what you plan to do with the boat.

Outboard motors are better for those who like to fish and explore waters closer to shore. They’re cheaper, easier to maintain, and easy to use. However, they’re loud and less efficient.

Inboard motors are a bit more luxurious, as they aren’t loud and won’t make the deck smell like gasoline. They’re best for large boats, or boats that explore the open seas.

But they make it difficult to get a boat on a trailer, and required specialized skills and tools to repair and maintain.

Choosing Your Boat

Outboard vs inboard motors, both have their preferred use cases. Most recreational boaters and anglers prefer boats with an outboard, so that’s likely what you’ll end up starting with.

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